What are the differences between classic loyalty programs and movie ticket subscriptions?

May 14th 2019

The movie ticket subscription is a totally new business model that both increases the market size, protecting and even increasing the market share. Classic loyalty programs are common implementations of B2C marketing that we had in the past. To briefly summarize, they work with the principle of giving gifts to customers to provide a sustainable relationship with the customer and help protect the market share.

Subscription is a totally different model that switches the status of the customer to subscriber basically. That means customers will be dedicated to you for a defined time, at least one month, three months, or a year. Your challenge would be preventing the churn instead of convincing the customer to buy another one-shot ticket.

More Advantages with Subscription

On the other hand, movie ticket subscription system offers many more advantages compared to loyalty programs. While loyalty programs struggle to track fraud, SubGen service provides perfect fraud control thanks to location tracking technology and a solid know-how built over 2000 variations of fraud experience.

Customization is a massive advantage since it offers unlimited flexibility. You can change your settings, campaigns, promotions and set limits on each and every promotion whenever and wherever you may like. 

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